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Pallet Truck in Pune

Features Of Pallet Truck Provided By Our Company

We Pallet Truck sales, services, repair, and rental services in Pune offer a diverse variety of trucks for sales and also for rent having their different specifications to meet the expectations of our clients and also available in desired specific sizes as customized by our customers.

What is a Pallet Truck ?

Pallet Truck is also known as Pallet Jack, Jigger, Pallet Pump, Pump Truck is a type of tool which is used for the work of moving and lifting the pallets and palletized loads. The forks attached to the truck present under the pallet are tapered in nature. The pump handle connected to them can be used for raising and lowering the amount of load.

These are basic or general forms of forklifts trucks and suitable for the warehouses, environment where wooden pallets are used, stockrooms, etc. to move the pallets from one place to another.